Competitive advantages

Standing above the competition thanks to tangible advantages

Redistribution Boucherville operates in a fiercely competitive market. To stand above the competition and consolidate our market position, we relies on multiple competitive advantages.


  • The company sources products from 600 suppliers, giving us a great flexibility in terms of negotiation and access to an impressively large variety of products.

  • Thanks to our purchasing power, we negotiates low pricing. All our clients benefit from these low prices, even if they do not purchase large amounts.

  • Our clients can order supplies frequently, thereby reducing their inventory costs and facilitating inventory management.

  • Clients do not need to negotiate directly with suppliers. They have just one point of contact, just one invoice, and just one phone number to call. This streamlined process translates into major savings and greater operating effectiveness.

  • 10,000 products in inventory including regular and periodic discounts (in all, there are over 25,000 products to choose from).

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Boucherville Redistribution is a division of Colabor